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Road and Commercial Gritting services in Cardiff – Wales

Winter Maintenance provides all of it’s gritting services, snow clearance, and supply of bagged salt throughout the Cardiff area and to towns in the surrounding areas.

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Road Gritting Services:

We ensure daily monitoring of local weather forecasts for Cardiff and its local areas via the Met Office, and in addition monitor local independent weather stations to ensure we have constantly updated details of freezing temperatures and adverse weather conditions, along with the times these conditions may occur.  This enables us to ensure pre-salting of sites before associated problems of compacted snow and ice set in.   All our clients are advised of adverse weather conditions as far in advance as is possible, so ensuring any potential hazards are minimised, if not completely eliminated.

We can provide Commercial Gritting Services for gritting of large distribution areas, Industrial and Trading Estates and Hospitals etc.

We can provide Car Park Gritting Services for the gritting of small car parks to large car parking sites.

We can provide Hand Salting at any of these sites alongside road gritting if required to ensure that steps and entrances are hazard free.

Our Snow Clearing Service can be provided to these contracted sites to ensure that all your Winter Maintenance needs are catered for.

Winter Maintenance endeavours to provide its road gritting services when your business is closed, during off peak hours in order to minimise disruption.

  • Commercial Gritting
  • Car Park Gritting
  • Hand Salting
  • Snow Clearance