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We ensure daily monitoring of local weather forecasts for all areas covered via the Met Office, and in addition monitor local independent weather stations to ensure we have constantly updated details of freezing temperatures and adverse weather conditions, along with the times these conditions may occur.  This enables us to ensure pre-salting of sites before associated problems of compacted snow and ice set in.   All our clients are advised of adverse weather conditions as far in advance as is possible, so ensuring any potential hazards are minimised, if not completely eliminated.

We pride ourselves on providing a personal service supported with high levels of client care. Our road gritting and snow clearance services are based on each client’s individual requirements and our clients range from Hospitals, National Supermarket Chains, Industrial Trading Estates, Distribution Centres, Schools, Academies, Car Manufacturing Plants, to Office Car Parks and Doctor’s Surgeries – For any area that requires a gritting service, Winter Maintenance Limited is here to help.

Unlike us, many of our competitors ran out of salt for spreading during the adverse weather conditions last year.  We are proud of the fact that we were able to provide our normal, high quality service to all our clients throughout the full winter season, ensuring the safety and smooth running of all our clients operations and sites.

We provide a quality gritting service throughout England and Wales and ensure that we have salt stocks to cope with even the harshest of winters.

Contact us for a quotation for your gritting requirements and ensure that you are covered when the UK starts to freeze!