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Car Park Gritting

Our Car Park Gritting Service is tailored to your requirements, which enables you, the client to ensure your customers and staff’s health and safety is catered for during the winter period.  We can provide hand salting of car park steps and entrances to reduce the risk of slipping for pedestrians.

Health and Safety plays a larger role than ever in our daily lives. Snow and ice are extremely hazardous and bad news for employers, putting staff in peril and turning car-parks into ice rinks. We understand that you, as an employer take serious consideration as to how safe and risk free your premises are for your staff and clients and here at Winter Maintenance Limited, we always endeavour to help our clients in this area

The Salt we use is Pure Dried Vacuum, White Rock and Marine Salt and contains about 99% salt (BS3247 coarse grade used).

Chemical Name: Sodium Chloride
Synonyms:  Haiite
Formula:  NaCL
CA5 No:  7647-14-5
EINECS No:  213-598-3
Chemical Family: Inorganic Salt


The composition by weight is 39.4% sodium and 60.6% chlorine.  Pure sodium chloride is a colourless crystalline solid.