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Commercial Road Gritting Services

Our Commercial Road Gritting Services are tailor made to your requirements.  We discuss all your needs and enquire about any areas on the site which can be more troublesome, ensuring that no matter what the weather, we can, not only ensure your gritting requirements are met, but also that extra attention is paid to the more problematic parts of your site if needed.  We can include Hand Salting as required.

Winter Maintenance Limited can help the risk of ice on roads and walkways when temperatures fall to freezing or below.  We know that it is vital to make sure your footpaths, pedestrian walkways, car parks and access roads are safe. Snow and ice can cause massive disruption to any site and it is essential that it is managed and controlled. Winter Maintenance Limited can help reduce that risk for you with their Commercial Road Gritting Services.

The Salt we use is Pure Dried Vacuum, White Rock and Marine Salt and contains about 99% salt (BS3247 coarse grade used).

Chemical Name: Sodium Chloride
Synonyms:  Haiite
Formula:  NaCL
CA5 No:  7647-14-5
EINECS No:  213-598-3
Chemical Family: Inorganic Salt


The composition by weight is 39.4% sodium and 60.6% chlorine.  Pure sodium chloride is a colourless crystalline solid.