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Hand Salting

This is a service we can provide alongside our Road Gritting Service.  Hand Salting enables us to spread salt where the Gritter Lorries cannot reach – to steps, entrances and any areas that require it to ensure the safety of your staff and client’s during the winter period.

Under the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974

Employers have to ensure their employees and anyone else who could be affected by their work (such as visitors, members of the public, patients etc.), are kept safe from harm and that their health is not affected. This means slip and trips risks must be controlled to ensure people do not slip, trip and fall. People must be able to move around safely.

The Salt we use is Pure Dried Vacuum, White Rock and Marine Salt and contains about 99% salt (BS3247 coarse grade used).

Chemical Name: Sodium Chloride
Synonyms:  Haiite
Formula:  NaCL
CA5 No:  7647-14-5
EINECS No:  213-598-3
Chemical Family: Inorganic Salt


The composition by weight is 39.4% sodium and 60.6% chlorine.  Pure sodium chloride is a colourless crystalline solid.