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Snow Clearance

We understand that heavy snowfall can bring most business to a total standstill, which can cause a large amount of disruption and more importantly cost you a lot of money.  We therefore offer our Snow Clearance service to all our contract clients.
We have snow ploughs designed to fit onto the front of our gritter lorries for snow clearance of roads and main areas.  This therefore immensely reduces the risk of accidents and ensures that your daily business can proceed with the least amount of disruption possible.
We have also imported snow ploughs from the USA, which are designed to attach to our fleet of 4×4 vehicles, ensuring that we will be able to clear snow in smaller areas when required.  

We endeavour to maintain all our client’s Winter Maintenance needs and are constantly utilising client feedback wherever possible to enhance the high quality of service we continually strive (and manage!) to achieve.